Fieldwork in the Arctic: a young researcher’s view

Venkata Gandikota was working as a researcher in the Ice and Climate Research Group at the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi and took part in the IPY Kinnvika expedition during spring 2008 .

A lot of work went into preparing for the field work for the IPY Kinnvika expedition. There were months of planning heading into it with a clear idea of the list of things needed to accomplish but once we step onto the field, things might not go as planned because of equipment and gear breaking down or adverse weather conditions. But with tweaking and improvising most of these could be fixed but if the weather is really bad then one could do nothing but wait till it gets better.

One also needs to be aware of the presence of Polar Bears and be ready to deal with them anytime. But polar researchers are accustomed to work in adverse conditions and the group has been able to, over the course of its last two field work seasons, been able to dig snow pits and shallow ice cores successfully and take them back to the laboratories for analysis.

 finding items after snowstorm.jpg

Here you can see Venkata using the snow probe to recover some drill items covered by snow during a snowstorm.


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